RAD episode: Fallout 4


Have you taken your RADaway today?
Well just ignore that radroach and be mindful of the feral ghouls and lets talk FALLOUT 4!

Welcome to the Commonwealth and the city of Boston wasterlanders! Mike “The Birdman” Dodd exits Vault 111 and sets out with you fine folks as his companions as he breaks down this latest entry in the long running Fallout series. The sole survivor sets out to find their missing son, Shaun and find out who murdered their spouse in this radioactive wasteland. It’s got thrills,chills and more then a very glitches BUT is it worth your time?
Zip up your vault suit and put a fusion core into your power armor and let’s get ready to tackle this brave new world

EDIT: Forgot to mention that you can have people say your characters name if you enter it right.
Here are some of my favorites

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